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Rising 195 feet up from the canyon floor, the St. Francis Dam was built in 1926 to store 12.5 billion gallons of water. As the reservoir began filling over subsequent months, cracks and leaks were discovered, but nothing that seemed particularly out of the ordinary.St. Francis Dam was a storage reservoir that was part of the much-disputed aqueduct, located in the San Francisquito Canyon about 40 miles north of Los Angeles proper. Mulholland and his assistant...Come discover the ruins of a dam that collapsed causing the death of over 400 people. Written and Produced by: Bethany Guerrero Cinematography and Visual Eff... Feb 19, 2017 · Stump Pond Farnum Pike, Smithfield, RI Trailhead: 41°54’35.74″N, 71°32’31.35″W Last Time Hiked: February 19, 2017 Approximate distance hiked: 0.9 miles Fairly Easy. S…